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Mara Mailer Sure Isn’t Discreet, But Very Clever

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  1. Hahaha this is funny, I still wouldn’t vote for a damn Republican though…


  2. Shouldn’t Mara be a Red apple?

  3. @dcvoterboy good point, but what can you expect from a Republican

  4. If anyone votes for Mara it clearly isn’t because he is the best candidate, would only be so that there is a republican on the council. People in DC don’t vote off of quality anyway, so I see why people are giving him the time and day. The GOP is working their ass off to damage anything that Obama puts his mind to, and if they take over the house and a republican has any major influence on DC becoming a State, you could kiss the democratic influence in this city GOODBYE.

    Nonetheless for the particular election, I am still undecided. But I will take an Orange over an Apple anyday…

  5. For some reason, the reaction of most of my friends to seeing this was “Oh, it’s like the freakonomics cover!”

  6. It’s “discreet”, not “discrete” in this context.

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