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Lots of Money Left for Final Week

With a week left until the April 26 At-Large Special Election, there's plenty of money floating around -- especially for Vincent Orange.

According to the eight-day pre-Special Election campaign finance reports, Orange leads the field in cash-on-hand, holding $134,000 for the final week. In the period from March 10 to April 18, he raised $70,000, adding to the $191,000 he reported in March. Interim Councilmember Sekou Biddle raised more money in the final fundraising period -- around $74,000 -- but only has $24,000 left to spend.

Bryan Weaver took in $25,000 and has $30,000 on hand, Patrick Mara raised $28,000 and had $15,000 left, and Josh Lopez claimed just under $8,000 and has close to $20,000 to use through April 26. Alan Page trailed behind with close to $1,800 raised and just over $1,100 left until Election Day.

Combing through the spending section of the reports, it becomes clear that Orange is spreading his money around in lots of small payments to campaign workers. Of 131 listed campaign outlays, 88 went to campaign workers in payments from $60 to to $2,500, the latter of which went to campaign manager Douglass Sloan. (During his re-election campaign last year, Mayor Adrian Fenty showed similar spending habits with his $5 million war chest.) More formally, Kennedy Communications, the political shop that ran Mayor Vince Gray's campaign, took in $63,183, likely for Orange's eight-page mailer ("The Plan") and his snazzy website.

Biddle, on the other hand, directed over $30,000 to LSG Strategies, the home of former Fenty strategist Tom Lindenfeld. He also dropped $15,000 on Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, over $4,000 for advertising in The Current (bringing his total payments to the four-newspaper chain to close to $10,000), $75 at Taqueria Distrito Federal, and $54 at Curbside Cupcakes. Unlike Orange, Biddle seems to pay a small fulltime campaign staff and rely on volunteers.

Weaver's spending habits are interesting, to say the least. His biggest outlays were for advertising -- he sent money to The Current, The InTowner, The Washington City Paper, The Blade, and the blogs Prince of Petworth and The Georgetown Dish. (He's also got ads appearing on Facebook.)

Most of Mara's money (over $30,000) went to Cap Public Affairs, with another $2,000 to The Current for advertising and $3,790 to The Blade for the same. Lopez has been most frugal in his spending, seemingly not paying any big money for campaign staff, consultants or advertising. He's been in the campaign longest but only spent $8,528.96.

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  1. can you expound upon why you believe weaver’s spending habits are “interesting”? is it because of the lack of paid staff? another reason?

  2. I didn’t mean interesting in a bad way, just that his spending is certainly different than the standard.

  3. Interim Councilmember Biddle has a council staff full-time which has been very active after working hours, in his campaign efforts.

  4. Wal-Mart Developer Orange has been taking 1,000′s of dollars from California, Texas, New York, Florida, Kansas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia and Illinois … please god let’s work together and keep Biddle in office … he’s dedicated to DC and he’s not relying on non-dc business interests to get to the finish line.

  5. 60% of Vincent Orange contributions come from outside DC! He’s collected loads of $1,000 contributions from California, Texas, New York, Florida, Kansas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia and Illinois. Few individuals from the District of Columbia have donated. Orange won’t represent our interests. In contrast, most of Sekou Biddle’s campaign contributions are from DC residents.

    • Yeah and Biddle sent thousands of DC resident’s dollars to the race-baiting, backward looking, asshole father of Council Chair Kwame Brown.

      Take your copy-and-pasted comments elsewhere TROLL – Biddle will be lucky to place 3rd.

  6. Orange is also the only candidate talking about how we need to collect money owed to us by the Feds as well as out of state residents and corporations. Orange is the only candidate with a plan.

  7. Im actually glad Orange is getting money from other states, hell isn’t it time DC start collecting money from outside of breaking the backs of DC residents. Yes bring that money into the city and spend it on us Orange. You guys sound like idiots, what is wrong with collecting money from outside of DC, I actually think it is a smart idea. But you sound like typical DC people anyway, when you cannot get things done, you pick the most irrelevant issues to make a big fuss out of.


  8. Didn’t the Post endorse Mara? Seems worthy of a full post on this site. What it has come down to is this — our Mayor & most of our Council are content to soak up our hard-earned tax dollars and waste them, including at times for their personal use. The programs all sound good and worthwhile, but open the lid, and there is a lot of misappropriation and incompetence. How the heck do we improve our Gvt? Among the top contenders, Lopez and Weaver and Biddle would try, but I see them as surrendering to higher taxes and then adding more programs & spending (Biddle is already there). Orange, forget it, that’s a backwards step. I am a democrat and a liberal, but the older I get, could care less about labels. Mara is socially liberal, so he’s barely a republican as I understand one to be (and can’t stand). Push that social-value stuff aside, and Mara is basically saying — cut it out with the highest tax rates in the country & just stop increasing taxes, flat out cut programs that fail, and scrutinize/reduce the worthwhile programs to ensure effective use of tax dollars. So tax dollars actually *really* serve those in need, not just appear to do so. It’s pretty basic. I am convinced he is the only guy that will stick to it. I could care less about his party affiliation or the color of his skin. Everything else in this election is a just another silly popularity contest.

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