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Howard Dean Endorses Biddle

Not totally sure what interest Democracy for America has in a local D.C. Council race (it's probably just doubling down on D.C. for Democracy's endorsement), but the organization headed by Howard Dean has endorsed Interim Councilmember Sekou Biddle:

Democracy for America (DFA), a national grassroots progressive organization founded by Governor Howard Dean, endorsed At-Large Councilmember SekouBiddle in the April 26 Special Election. Governor Dean is a former presidential candidate and Democratic National Committee Chairman. DFA is the parent organization of DC for Democracy, another group that endorsed Sekou.

"I've traveled across the country and it's not often that you find a candidate as qualified to address our challenges in education as Sekou Biddle," said Governor Dean. "Even more than that, he's totally committed to getting District residents back to work and will hold the government accountable. Sekou is the progressive choice in this race and Democracy for America will help expand his grassroots campaign to victory."

The biggest benefit for Biddle from the endorsement may be that District residents who are involved in national progressive politics and don't follow local races decide to vote on April 26 and vote for the only person they heard of from a recognized national voice.

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  1. Howard Dean isn’t involved in DC Politics, therefore he does not know off Kwame’s financial trouble, and that Biddle is Kwame’s guy and that he has Kwame’s father on the payroll. If Howard Dean cares so much about what goes on in DC, tell him to vouch for us becoming a state, not on an At-Large Council Race..

  2. Ditto! This is definitely the result of some DCForDean crazy hacking for Biddle. The Governor got bamboozled.

    • Ditto once again!!! I agree. Even though Howard Dean works in DC and has a child in Teach for America, he knows nothing about DC politics and also doesn’t realize that Sekou has friends that he grew up with and that no matter what job he’s gone in to he’s always been beholden to others. I’ve also heard that Howard Dean now also believes that Barack Obama was not born in the United States and that he only answers to Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.

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