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More Odds and Ends

A few more things floating around out there:

  • Vox Populi has a good write-up of the D.C. Students Speak forum on Saturday. (So does the organization, I might add.) I was surprised and not surprised at all to see that Vincent Orange didn't show. Orange hasn't been particularly friendly to the student cause, and he probably wasn't expecting a friendly environment, much less an endorsement. That went to Bryan Weaver, by the way.
  • Missed the Ward 5 Democrats forum, also on Saturday? The D.C. Democratic State Committee has video!
  • Interim Councilmember Sekou Biddle may be behind Vincent Orange in funds raised and cash-on-hand, but he's getting a big boost from SEIU -- $65,000, to be exact. Considering that Biddle raised around $100,000 through March, SEIU's contribution is, well, substantial. And while the SEIU money can't be used in direct coordination with the Biddle campaign, it's not hard to pick up the campaign's main themes and just run with those.

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  1. Apparently Vincent Orange was supposed to attend the youth forum but his brother-in-law died.

    I did hear one of those involved in organizing the forum say that Tom Smith’s working on Orange’s campaign now is another indicator that Orange wouldn’t be their candidate. Tom Smith was battling with AU students last year in his ANC race, claiming that same-day registration would lead to voter fraud by students who were trying to unseat him.

  2. I know one of Smith’s former workers, and I highly doubt he is working on Tropicana’s campaign, he is too busy trying to stay under radar because a lot of people are coming after him for his former campaign.

  3. Anyone who gets an endorsement from Kwame Brown and has his father on the campaign payroll will never get a vote from me! I am so ashamed that Biddle is utilizing any part of that Kwame Brown’s connections for this race.

  4. This is junk.

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