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Biddle Picks Up Another Key Endorsement — Tommy Wells

The timing certainly sucks (it's budget day, and Friday!), but the news is good, at least for Interim Councilmember Sekou Biddle. Sayeth a press release from the Biddle campaign:

Today, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells endorsed Sekou Biddle citing his commitment to pubic schools, mass transit and holding the government accountable.

"Our City Council must continue to substantially improve our public schools, create the next generation of mass transit to connect the region and our neighborhoods and ensure that we hold our public officials to the highest standards of accountability," said Councilmember Wells. "I've watched him cut his own independent path. He has not only confronted the status quo on several fronts, but also endorsed initiatives that are critical to the quality of life for residents of Ward 6 and our entire city. I need a strong partner for implementing a vision for building a livable walkable city. I will have one in Sekou Biddle."

Councilmember Wells is part of a growing list of endorsements for Sekou, including yesterday's endorsement by At-Large Councilmember David Catania.  "I wanted to work with the person to see if he had the kind of honesty and thoughtfulness and expertise, integrity that I wanted in a new member and I’ve found all of it in Sekou," said Councilmember Catania on WFPW. "He’s a very serious, thoughtful, honest man and he’s precisely the person I think, at this time, we need."

The news somewhat speaks for itself, but I'll give the Post's Tim Craig the win for the snap analysis: "So now it's clear -- No one on the D.C. Council wants Vincent Orange to join them. That should be Orange's closing campaign theme."

Also, another clear winner? D.C. political talk radio. Catania announced on WPFW yesterday, Wells on WTOP today. Kojo, you've got to catch up.

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  1. Shocker! Kwame Brown’s handpicked successor, Sekou Biddle, has been endorsed by another councilmember. You can’t claim independence when you are clearly submerged in the establishment.

  2. I agree. He supported Fenty for crying out loud and he’s now being endorsed by Kwame Brown cronies like David Catania and Tommy Wells. What’s next? Is Kwame’s main henchman Michelle Rhee going to come out and support him? He’s obviously not independent if such a wide swath of people are endorsing him.

  3. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Biddle Fiddle Faddle can’t hide from what he is, a puppy for the council. They will tell him “quite now go sit in the corner until your father Kwame and your Grandpa Gray are ready for you to speak”. The more and more they continue to band together, the more it lessens their clout as far as influence on the people. I’m starting to think those council members are apart of the Illuminati.


    • Yes!!! Illuminati!!! I was listening to Alex Jones the other night and he said that Brown and Gray were sent here from some deep chamber underneath the UN. There was a prophecy of the Biddle, who would openly support one candidate while secretly plotting his downfall so there was a niche to fill. I had a dream last night that the beast from the Never Ending Story would become governor of the state known as Washington, District of Arlandria.

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