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Change of Fortunes for Bryan Weaver (Updated)

Only a few weeks ago Bryan Weaver faced the prospect of being knocked off the April 26 At-Large Special Election, but today the challenges filed against him by Interim Councilmember Sekou Biddle were officially withdrawn.

On February 28, Biddle challenged 1,416 of the 3,480 signatures submitted by Weaver to get on the ballot. After Weaver pointed to a number of valid voters that were oddly challenged (including his wife and campaign manager), the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics ruled that only 532 of the challenges were valid, leaving Weaver with 2,948 out of the 3,000 signatures needed to remain on the ballot. The board also ruled, though, that 261 of the signatures were valid pending change-of-address forms were submitted. On March 10, Weaver turned in 68 COA forms, leaving him with 3,016 signatures.

Weaver can now continue campaigning with the confidence that it won't be for nothing -- he's on the ballot. Jacque Patterson and Patrick Mara, on the other hand, are still facing uncertain prospects. Mara will face the board today, while Patterson stated his case last week and is awaiting a decision on whether Biddle's challenges of his petitions will be thrown out or not.

Update, 3:20 p.m.: According to a Weaver campaign official, a final review by the board of Biddle's challenges and the COA forms submitted by Weaver brought his total number of signatures to 3,032.

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  1. will there be any statement from BOEE or the biddle campaign about why the challenge was withdrawn?

  2. Not BOEE, since it was Biddle’s campaign that withdrew its own challenge. As for Biddle, my guess is that they’ll just let this pass.

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