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Orange Crushes in Contributions, Cash-on-Hand

Vincent Orange raised $0 through the January 31 reporting period. Through March 10, though, he took in a shocking $191,000, besting his competition by close to $150,000. Not only did he raise way more money, but he hasn't spent a dime, leaving him with the full $191,000 to carry him through to the April 26 At-Large Special Election.

The development has to worry the campaign of Interim Councilmember Sekou Biddle, which raised a respectable $47,000 but is only left with $15,000 on hand. (There seems to be a mistake in Biddle's report, though. It claims that he's raised $100,000 so far and spent $62,000, so in theory he should have just south of $40,000 to work with. Regardless, Orange still has way more.)

Biddle is the presumed front runner, enjoying support from the city's political establishment. But Orange, who has run citywide campaigns before and served two terms on the D.C. Council, still enjoys name recognition and plenty of contacts to draw contributions from. (And he must have really worked the phones -- a surprising amount of his contributions are $1,000.) And, given the events of recent weeks involving D.C. Council Chair Kwame Brown and Mayor Vince Gray, being a pick of the establishment isn't something to boast about. Orange's harsh criticism of Brown's personal finances during the council chair campaign last year might be looking better now than they did then.

Of course, Orange hasn't really been doing much campaigning, but $191,000 goes a long ways in just over a month. If he simply rents enough buses and pays enough staff on the day of, he could easily drive turnout -- and grab a huge chunk of votes for himself in the process.

Might this be the mighty return of Vincent Orange, the very man Biddle beat in the January D.C. Democratic State Committee appointment process? It may well be.

In other campaign finance news (all the totals are here), Republican Pat Mara raised $29,000 and has that amount on-hand, Bryan Weaver took in $21,000 and has $20,000 on-hand, Josh Lopez collected $16,000 and has $19,000 on-hand, Jacque Patterson drew in $15,000 and has $18,000 on-hand, Arkan Haile raised $4,000 and has $11,000 on-hand, and Alan Page accounted for $749 and has $546 on-hand.

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  1. The big story with Orange is much of his haul was from California and Georgia.

  2. sure, orange has money. but orange is just another facet of the machine, the past, the old guard.

    if people are wailing and gnashing their teeth about a return to “the bad old days,” how does VO not serve as a reminder of that past?

    many of his donations are from out-of-state business interests. the man doesn’t have a serious base in the city, among voters. he did well because of the wapo giving him the nod against kwame last year (in he end, he still lost).

    when given a bunch of choices, and no endorsement, VO pulled 3% in the mayoral race 4.5 years ago. that’s his natural base. can he build on that? sure. but he really, really needs to build.

  3. Orange was in office when Williams was Mayor. The city had a more experienced and professional presence during that time and they laid the foundation for a lot of the economic development, jobs, and financial stability the city had entering the Fenty years.

    I heard Orange received damn near 50,000 votes when he ran against Kwame, and although your saying that he lost, the city has gained a person who uses the backs of the citizens to drive in lavish navigators, so you tell me who really lost!

    Voters can fool around if they want to, but if you really want things done in this city, you have to select someone who is going to take care of their responsibilities, knows the money, and will not play around when it comes time to move this city in the right direction.

    I’ll take my chances on Orange. Yall can have fun with Sekou Brown, I mean Kwame Biddle….Dammit Sekou Biddle. Vincent Orange got my vote!

    • Time2BReal: Ah, you’re setting up a false equivalency, and a false choice. Did I say I supported Biddle? Of course not. I’m a supporter of Bryan Weaver. There aren’t just two people running in this race – this isn’t a rehash of Brown v. Orange. The fact is that we need to break out of the paradigm that only gives us the marginal “leadership” of people like both of them who settle for “good enough” when it comes to the future of the city. Do you live in Ward 5? I do – and I bring it up because I can honestly say that Orange did little for our ward when he was in office, and has very little in the way of ideas going forward. Please consider the fact that there are other candidates out there.

      • I live in Ward 7, but to follow up on your statement if Orange did nothing during his time from 1998-2006, then why did Ward 5 look pretty damn good compared to what it did before he was in office? Are you telling me he didn’t bring that shopping complex over to Rhode Island avenue with the Giant/Home Depot and all that? Or what about McKinely Tech? Or even that DC Emancipation Day Holiday? Or about the time those kids were getting books in March of the school year and he made that law requiring kids to get books by the 2nd week of school?

        I have talked to people from Ward 5 about the stuff Orange said he did because like you I didn’t believe it as well. I talked to atleast 25 people from the time of the Chairmans Race till now and they all confirmed that he did those things. So if you can prove me wrong then thats something I have to think about but until then, im sticking with the results..

        • Time2BReal: Look, you’re an Orange supporter, balls out. Good for you. I said that there were more than two people running. You didn’t address that part at all.

          And if you think that Orange alone brought about these things, you’re overestimating the power of an individual in the DC government.

          (A law requiring kids to get books by the second week of school? Wow, that’s setting the bar low. How about a law requiring that kids get school lunches 3 of the 5 days of the week? It’s just as aspirational as your example.)

          • There are other candidates that are in the race, but due to the challenge period and process those they are tentative. Weaver & Patterson still have to finish out there process so im only addressing individuals that are right now on the ballot.

            Lopez has great energy behind his campaign and I think will provide a spark for the city in years to come but, I don’t think its his time yet. He should start off as a ward councilmember and work his way up.

            You saying that “oh if you think he did it on his own” line is weak and quite funny. Every ward has their own councilmember and those are things that took place in his ward or stemmed from his ward during that time. Im just sticking to the facts and the testimonies from people. Graduates from McKinnley Tech said Vincent Orange helped bring their school back. Parents from Carver Terrace said Orange was a good man who helped there kids get their books on time & provided school supplies for them.

            So please, I am open to all the facts just inform me of who is responsible for Ward 5 becoming what it did from 1998-2006 and I will definitely reconsider the information I have heard about Vincent Orange. Ward 5 was a waste during the early 90′s and it transformed in the early 2000′s so please inform me!

  4. In light of everything that has happened in the past couple of months in DC politics: Navigatorgate, Gray’s hiring practices and Biddle’s backroom appointment, having a rubber stamp like Biddle on the council doesn’t sound too appealing. We need an independent voice on the council and Vincent Orange has the credentials and integrity to be that independent voice. Just combing through this website I see Biddle waging a petty petition war against his opponents and unsuccessfully trying to distance himself from his biggest booster Kwame. I see Vincent Orange keeping his eye on the job: serving the taxpayers of the District of Columbia. He has collected a couple of valuable endorsements and raised an impressive amount of money. The Biddle campaign said the other day that running an organized campaign is an indication of what kind of councilmember you will be. VO seems pretty organized.

  5. Time2BReal: You’re asking me to disprove anecdotes. That’s just not possible. I realize that I’m not going to change your mind – and you’re not going to change mind. Good luck.

  6. @IMGoph all I ask is that if he did not make things happen in Ward 5 that you please inform me the truth. Im not one sided at all but, as of today, Vincent Orange seems like the best candidate to turn things around in the city. From the things I have heard he has accomplished, I think that if he was given the opportunity he could do more.

    I will continue to do my research on him as well as other candidates like Weaver, Patterson, Mara, Lopez to make and given them an honest look for what they have to offer.

    But as of right now im just stating the facts…

    Let me know how Weaver’s challenge situation ended up..

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