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Weaver Submits Necessary Change-of-Address Forms

Bryan Weaver submitted 68 change-of-address forms to the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics this afternoon, all but assuring a place from himself on the April 26 At-Large Special Election ballot.

On Monday, the board found that of the 3,480 signatures he submitted to get on the ballot, 2,948 were valid -- putting him below the 3,000-signature threshold. But the board also determined that 261 signatures were valid pending a change-of-address, leaving Weaver a good pool to work with to make up the 52 signatures he needs to stay on the ballot. Over the last three days campaign volunteers visited homes and offices to get change-of-address forms filed out, which were due today.

If all the change-of-address forms pass muster, Weaver will have 3,016 valid signatures.

Weaver still faces a hearing before the board on Monday to deal with the challenges filed by Interim Councilmember Sekou Biddle. It's doubtful that the Biddle campaign will re-double its efforts to have Weaver booted off the ballot, though.